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Using the template editor tool in it is possible to make changes to existing audit templates and create new ones from scratch.

Changing an audit template name

From the Administration -page, go to Audit templates and select the audit template you wish to edit from the list of audit templates available.

Click Settings at the top of the screen.

You can change the template name in the text box at the top of the page. By hitting Save the changes will apply.

From here it is also possible to assign an audit observation template, manage the scoring and grades and manage the template PDF options, more on these subjects in their own articles.

Editing an audit section

Within the template, the questions are organised into sections. You may change the name of the section from the pencil -icon on the right side of the row.

You can also rearrange the order of the sections by dragging and dropping them from the selector field to the left.

Adding and removing sections

By clicking +Add section on the bottom of the list you may also add entirely new sections. Clicking the rubbish bin -icon to the right of a section will remove it, along with any questions in that section.

Editing existing questions

To make changes to existing questions, first open up the section to view all the questions within it by clicking on the row.

Then select the question you wish to edit by clicking on the the row.

You may edit the question title, help text, answer choices by simply making changes to the existing text boxes. You can also add and remove answer choices, manage the scoring and any other settings. More information on question types found here.

You can also drag and drop the questions to change their positions within the section, and even move questions between sections.

Adding and removing questions

By clicking +Add question at the bottom of the list lets you create a new question. Clicking the rubbish bin -icon to the right of a question removes it. Removing questions with existing answers recorded will prompt a warning indicating that there are a number of answers to this question already. Removed questions will be marked as legacy, and will still be visible in the completed audits as such.

It is not possible to change the question type of an existing question. If you need to change a question type, you should create a copy of the question using the Add question -button and then delete the old question.

PLEASE NOTE that changing the question scoring and deleting questions and answer choices from existing templates may affect the data already collected using those templates.

Archiving audit templates

From the Audit template page it is possible to archive audit templates. When archived, no new audits may be started using this template. Ongoing audits may be completed, and completed audits remain visible as they were previously.

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