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Background and rationale

What is this?

Our company name Plan Brothers is changing to Falcony. At the same time we are changing the name of to Falcony too. We’ve developed the functionalities inside the new Falcony platform as a separate module. Some customers have already been merged from to the new platform and the rest of the customers will be merged in the future.

Our new website can be found at and the login page to the platform will change from to

Why are you changing your brand?

Three points:

  1. Despite divesting Pelsu Pelastussuunnitelma 2019, many still remember Plan Brothers as being the same as Pelsu. What our company is today is very different from what it was three years ago.

  2. Having one brand instead of three simplifies branding a lot and we want it to be clear that both the company, the product and everything we do represent the same purpose, vision and values.

  3. Most importantly, we are not just changing our name and logo. With the new platform that includes both and functionalities, we are also reframing the vision around why enterprises and businesses should have tools as involving as Whatsapp.

Why the name “Falcony”?

Majority of management system implementation failures happen because they end up involving only a fraction of the employees. We are on a mission to involve more people in areas that matter to our customers: safety, quality, compliance, security, customer experience, wellbeing, sustainability, etc. When involvement is broken into its building blocks, it's really about awareness, alertness and action. What's more alert, more aware and more prone to action than Falcon, the animal that is both the fastest on the planet AND has the best eyesight. So that's the bird here but Falcony also includes a double meaning from the word balcony, which as a term is often seen as getting a wider view of what's really happening.

Has someone bought your company?

No. We are still fully owned by our employees.

What kind of changes will happen?

  • The app will be available at

  • All the emails will come from email. This will be coordinated with organization admins and won’t be happening at launch.

  • The customer SSO login should be configured to use the new domain. The migration period for this change is one year.

  • The BI analytics database address will be changed from to The migration period for this change is one year.

  • All open links that customers are using should be changed to use domain. The migration period for this change is two years.

  • The invoices will be sent with the Falcony name instead of Plan Brothers.
    The migration period for this is one year.

Now that you have only one software, do we also have one price?

Nothing with the pricing logic will change. We have had and will have a modular software where the price is dictated by the number of users, the number of sites, the use case, or the functionalities used. Our goal is to offer a competitive price for each customer regardless of the size or the industry segment.

We are currently using What happens to us and our end-users?

All the existing organizations and users are moved under the new application name at launch on the 14th of March. What this means is that the login page will change to There will be a redirect from the old login page, but don't be scared about the new look and feel.

We are currently using What happens to us and our end-users?

If you are still using, the existing login page will stay the same until you get merged to using auditing functionalities in We’ll contact all customers about this matter separately and aim to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Shall we have audit functionalities even though we are using just the former functionalities at the moment?

Not automatically, but if you are interested in activating them, contact your sales representative, or

Will this affect our license?

The pricing won’t change automatically. 
Our product has been and is modular, where different use cases and different features dictate the price point. 
We also have, and will, accommodate site based and user based pricing as examples. 
With any price change, they will be handled individually with each customer taking into account the agreement.

Will this affect the contracts?

Falcony has already been an auxiliary business name of ours and now we are changing it to be the primary one. The contracts will not be affected as our business ID does not change.

Will this affect the invoices?

Falcony has already been an auxiliary business name of ours and now we are changing it to be the primary one.

This means that the invoices will be having the new name on them from the 1st of March. The business ID and other details will stay the same.

Can I continue to use / as a standalone?

Yes you can. All users will be transferred to Falcony audits in the future, but everybody will be contacted separately about this change.


When will this be live? What is the timeline for the changes?


  • Invoices will be sent with the Falcony name


  • The application's URL is changed to will start redirecting users to

  • Email sender name, logo and any references to will be changed to

  • Customers should change their mobile homescreen links to point to from


  • The sender domain will be changed to and our email service provider will be changed from Postmark to Mailgun

2022 H2:

  • Some later time agreed with each customer: Migrate SSO configuration to use the new domains.

Technical questions

What happens to login?

The old login page will redirect to Users can login like before from the new address. Users will need to log in again to

We will add notification to the new login page that explains that the service name has changed.

Does our SSO need to be reconfigured?

No, the existing SSO will keep working. At a later time we're going to contact your IT-people and handle updating the SSO configuration to use the new domain.

I’ve added / to my mobile or desktop home screen. Will it still work?

For, all existing home screen applications will continue to work as previously.

For, we cannot guarantee that these home screen applications continue to work after 14.3.2022. All users of home screen applications are advised to:

  1. Discontinue the use of home screen applications for before 14.3.2022.

  2. After the Falcony application has been launched at 14.3.2022, you may create a new home screen application for it.

Does this impact emails that are sent from incy? Sender name? Topics?


  • Sender name, logo and any references to will be changed to


  • The sender domain will be changed to and our email service provider will be changed from Postmark to Mailgun

Does this impact integrations (BI etc.)?

Customers using incy can continue to use domain Customers should switch this domain to within a year. There are no changes to BI-database schema.

The change does not affect customers who haven’t still been transferred to the new system.

What happens to open links (e.g. whistleblowing links that are linked to websites)?

Those will keep working normally. The user will redirect the same open link page on the domain, and the user will see the same open link report page there. It is still strongly advised to update the open links to use the new address for future support.

The existing open links will stop working 1.1.2024 and should be changed to links before that.

What if I have ongoing audits or other offline changes, what happens to them?

When you go to after 14.3.2022, and have unsaved changes to audits or observations, the application will provide you with an opportunity to export the changes. After exporting the changes from, you will be forwarded to where you can import the changes back to the application. This is to ensure that no unsaved work is lost when the application changes to be run at

This said, the transition to will be easier if all changes are saved before 14.3.2022 when the app changes to be run at You can verify that all changes are saved by going to while logged in to

When do PB employee emails change from to

On 16.2.2022 around 14:00.

When do help center article URLs change?

On 16.2.2022.

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